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Want to learn Hebrew right off the bat?

Welcome to Ivritli!
The Online Hebrew Language School

Want to learn Hebrew right off the bat?
Ivritli is the place for you!

We at Ivritli are committed to bringing people together through the Hebrew language. The School invites families living outside Israel to experience Israeli culture, festivals, food, music, atmosphere and landscapes through language: To understand the Israeli identity.

Ivritli offers exciting online lessons giving every child and adult a space for self-expression. Learning is done in small groups through free-flowing interaction between the children and their teacher.

Come learn with us in an enriching, enjoyable and stimulating environment! 

Open Registration for New Hebrew Courses for all levels starting on January  2023!

Decided to join? Super!

Please  fill in the registration form. 

One of our representatives will get back to you shortly to arrange a one-on-one conversation, in which we will assign you the level and group.

School fees

The monthly tuition fee is 68(EUR) or 85 (USD).


Monthly tuition payment included :


  • Weekly group Hebrew lesson (up to 8 students per group)

  • Weekly practice according to the lesson

  • And in addition, you can choose:

  • Sabbath Eve ceremony on Fridays

  • Fun Sunday workshop


The registration fee, one-time, annual charge is 59(EUR) or 72(USD) 

Book your
trial lesson for FREE!

You’ve come just at the right time to learn Hebrew!

Are your children fluent Hebrew speakers? do they know just a bit of Hebrew? or none at all? 

Does your spouse want to learn Hebrew but has no prior knowledge? 

Got friends that have been dreaming about learning Hebrew?

Join Ivritli!


Learning Hebrew is a breeze - with our special courses for adults and children, Hebrew is just a click away - it’s catchy, it’s fun and it’s quick.


With Ivritli you’ll learn it all - conversation, reading and writing. The syllabus has been prepared by a team of experienced, professional pedagogues. You’ll find that plenty of thought and creativity have gone into enabling you to quickly get up and running in Hebrew! The programs are individually tailored to the students’ ages and proficiency levels.


Besides group lessons in a virtual classroom, we’ll be giving you enrichment workshops where you’ll join in with the other Ivritli students.

Through classes in crafts, movement, cooking, singing and other classes, you’ll enrich your Hebrew while

enjoying a wealth of interaction with other Hebrew-speaking families all over the world.


For a test and personal interview – no  strings attached – click here

Do  you want to meet our students from all around the world?

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